My name is Abby. 

I'm a lover of Truth who is a person. 

I'm a wife of an all-star man and a mama of four.
We are all home these days, learning academics and learning life. 
We are learning first how to love well here ... 
hoping to love well for a lifetime out there.

I catch moments on paper and through a lens. This helps me to really see.   
I am a lover of words. I can't make sense of this life without them.
I have scribbled on paper for as long as I've been able. 
I want to tell true stories. 

I am a seeker of beauty and a lover of humanity. 
I'm not the girl I was. 

I know a man who has always been faithful.
He is gentle and fierce. Patient and demanding. Fully mystery and fully love.
He is over all and in all and through all. 
His words are all over this life ... and they are all over yours too. 

You can send a hello to abbyelli@gmail.com. It would be an honor to hear from you.