November 1, 2011

Spend Yourself {Day 31} :: Just the beginning ...

I've doubled up today ... because this was harder than I thought! So please don't miss Day 30, my true heart behind this whole thing. If you don't read anything else...? You can find the whole series just above in the tab as well.

And then, here we are! Closing up this 31 Day Challenge. I can hear my mom (or dad or brother or best girl friends for that matter) saying, "Yes and one day late, in true Abby form."

Yes. Yes, I know.

Still ... I have to tell you something. THANK YOU! Really.

Because this was hard and a little awkward and a lot scary. It was beautiful and so many of YOU showed up, shared words that made this not. about. me. 

And again, I might have named this whole journey something else, even though I still don't know what that would have been. And what matters is this: He is big and faithful and good. All the time.

My prayer for YOU now. For me? That we might look closely at these lives we are living. Look back for a moment so we can really look ahead. Get honest. Be brave. Hand it all over. Trust that He is always for us, that His "nearness is our good," that He is the author of a great and powerful story and WE ARE IN IT ...

Could we offer ourselves to the One who gives full freedom? Grace. Peace. Yes, joy! Clarity. Could we stay in the moment and not fret about what will come? Could we spend ourselves and our time and our energy, our money... on people? His people. Could we believe that when we do, we really live and love and learn. Broken places get fixed. We are changed. They are changed. We become the family we were created to be.

Could we trust that IF ... THEN ...

Thank you for walking with a messed up girl who is learning, one messed-up step at a time. Just believing that the doing leads to the knowing. Just believing He is worth following,  worth trusting, worth being spent.

Thank you to a beautiful community of women who challenged me to follow along. You inspire.

Peace, friends. New and old. I hope you will come back again soon. I think I will too.


  1. Thank you Abby, that was such a beautiful journey. I'm new to your blog, found it through Nina's, but have gone back to read the whole spend yourself series. As an ex-nurse and fellow recovering approval addict, I felt like you were writing directly to me! I can't tell you how encouraged and inspired I was. I hope the blog posts keep coming, you have a faithful reader in Australia!

  2. Oh Adele! So nice to hear from you and so honored you are reading. Thank you, really. And from so far away! This journey is always moving forward, always an adventure ... it is always a privilege to walk with Him. I do hope you continue to stop by. Our family is a bit under the weather these days. Still learning how to write out this heart and love this little clan all at once! Peace to you, Adele.