June 16, 2012


He took his first ride ever on the merry-go-round, picked his own horse and waved to the same stranger with each orbit.

Then he stood firm on the pavement and gazed straight into the sky. He watched the tracks spiraling straight down ... all those g-forces weighing in. And I don't know who squealed loudest, him or the daredevils up above.

Later, she peered over the edge of her blue gondola on a wire and announced, "I think the Sky Ride must be the best thing in the world. I can see everything from here!"

The clouds were overhead and the train whistled below. We hovered in between, suspended with delight and a bit of fresh perspective.

Here's to great moments, no matter how small or fast. Here's to being in the present tense.
Here's to having eyes to see ...

Peace today, friends.

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  1. Hi Abby,
    I've fallen so behind on my reading, but I was so happy to click over here this morning and read all of your incredible Uganda stories, and see your lovely photos all at once. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us so beautifully xo