August 30, 2011

if today...

If today you are running a little low on power ... seems as though everyone nearby is just humming along ... plug in to the source that makes this world go 'round.

And if it looks (feels) like a storm rolled through this place, broken limbs and wreckage all around ... remember the One who is able to mend all life's fractures.

He's the same one who uses the broken things for good, the bare spots for new growth, the inconvenient for fresh perspective. Ah, if you believe ...

And if the clean-up feels daunting, the air too warm, the lights too dim, the kids too restless--

remember this life that is but a breath.

Because it all comes and goes too soon like a breeze ... yes, somedays, like a hurricane.

And this, today, is what we've been given.

Wishing you power and peace, friends! the warmth of light and the good company of family and friends. hoping you are making memories together, with or without the modern comforts of home. praying that you are safe ... that we are all up and running again real soon ... with new stories to tell.     


  1. wow, beautiful....
    THANK you :)


  2. Okay - if you can hit publish - I can stop with the lurking. :) Ab - thank you for your words that draw me to the loving and gracious arms of our Father again and again. You are a blessing!