August 18, 2011

if you need a change of scenery...

There are days when you just have to get out of the house. Not away from the people, necessarily, but out from under the roof. Today I'm tripping over plastic pirates and diving to rescue tiny gold chests and parrots from toddler grip and that ever-slobbering mouth. The cheerios have overtaken me and an ant or two have come in from the rain. I redirect them to the strawberry jelly under the highchair and go about my business of picking up baby dolls, dinosaurs, and tea cups. Did I mention the cheerios and how do they migrate to every room!? The couch cushions are off again. Pride Rock is in my living room. Someone is unclothed and growling at me from the armrest; the nightgowns are in a heap; someone else is smelly...

It is time to go.

Hoping you might find a space to breathe deep today.
Find your home in Him again-- then return to those walls and embrace love.

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