September 20, 2011

If you're a little lost...

If you woke up this morning and the scenery was all too familiar, felt like surely you've been here before ... remember that his mercies are new every morning.

If you feel like you are walking in circles, you probably are. Stop for a moment?

Find that path again ... the one that leads to the full life.

And if you did it again, whatever it is... that thing that laughs mean in your ear and makes you wonder,    "Will I  ever make some progress?" ...

 Remember that we are slaves to nothing-- can call its bluff, claim full freedom from that old way of living.

If you catch yourself speaking not-so-kind-to-self words, hear this, friend: you are holy and dearly loved.



Do you have ears to hear?

If you had a day or two like this girl here and think staying under the covers might serve everyone best, plant your feet firm on the ground and hold your chin up high.

Because he promises to finish what he began. And you're not all finished yet. This is great news!

And some days faith is a whisper that calls quiet. Just keep going.  And grace is a clock that redeems the hours, buys back the time. The mishaps are molded into holy mysteries, working together for the good ... somehow. And hope finds us off the beaten path and gently leads us back... shows the light just one step ahead.

Keep heading north. Chin up, now. And carry on.

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  1. ohhhhhh tears in my eyes friend....
    so needed to hear that. THANK you... :)