May 2, 2012

When reality sinks in ..

I had my first real anxiety dream ... filled with episodes of me running to and fro, looking for my lost children, my lost backpack. I have been to Target way too many times, considering I can pack close to nothing. Really, I don't need anything else at all. I am just a little restless. 

I registered my name with the State Department. And according to my updated shot record, I shouldn't come home with hepatitis, yellow fever, polio, meningitis, or typhoid.

Or malaria. Or the flu.

Todd and I said some important words to each other. You know, just because Africa is pretty far away. And despite the anxious dream or two, I'm really not afraid to get on that plane.

After all this time ... I'm more afraid to stay right here.

Below is a short documentary about the clinic I will work with (please note: video contains medical images). This clinic runs year round while incoming volunteer teams arrive every three months to serve the more remote populations/areas.

Our team will caravan each day to new locations, setting up makeshift clinics on site- complete with triage, dental care, occupational therapy, and medical providers. Past teams have served 2000 people in just six days.

Pray me there and back, would you? Pray for wisdom and sure hands, a steady mind. Pray for my sweet husband and my little guy and gals. Pray for our mamas who will stand in the gap. Pray for the whole team who will GO. Pray for the beautiful and gracious people of Uganda who are already there.

Hoping to post just one more time before that long plane ride ... a quick video filled with beautiful faces and our family's new favorite song. But if not? I'll meet you here in a week or two. And check in over here once or twice as well. Power permitting, we'll get a post or two up while we are in country.

Peace to you, sweet friends!

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  1. Wow! I am so thrilled for you! I will be thinking of you and praying extra hard, for the work you'll be doing, for courage and peace while you do it, and for your precious family too. Love and bravery to you Abby, from your Aussie chapter, Adele xo