May 30, 2012

When time stands still ...

They circled around and they listened to my watch and for a minute, time stood still. As the second hand ticked loud in their ears and they giggled and tugged at my arm, I counted the seconds too.

And I wished it would never end ... all of that right-now joy.

Kindest friends, I am home and well-- a heart filled and already longing to return.
I have had a most challenging time sitting still with thoughts, just can't seem to put words to anything at all.

But I have stories to share. And I will.

For now, what an honor and joy it was to serve with an extraordinary and talented group of folks. I am in awe of what the body of Christ can be, and do ... each person working with God-given gifts in order to serve and love well.  If I have ever been convinced to become fully me for His glory, it is now.  

Thanking Jesus for a beautiful picture of His church working together, for new and dear friends, for my sweet home and family here ... and for a country that has found a forever-home in this heart. 

Thank you, sweet Grier, for capturing my camera and moments I'll hold tight. 

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