October 12, 2011

Spend Yourself {Day 11} :: Take time to (re)discover

If you're just now joining us, me... we've been doing this thing: this 31 day journey to learn how to spend this life. And the more I write, the more I think I should have named this whole thing something different. Even though I don't know what that would be...

And things have slowed a bit here ... just for a moment ... while we tend to people and life here in the not-cyber world. I keep looking at the calendar and then back at my rough outline of all of these words ... it doesn't always come out as planned. And I think that is ok because there is always the learning and the growing. Always more to discover while we spend these days.  

And all those years ago, I needed to discover who this Jesus-author really was before I could fall hard for him. Really trust him with this life. My story... all wrapped in His.

Now that I've discovered him, I just keep re-discovering him all the time ... this Word who took on flesh, this One who holds everything together.

And I'm sad today ... as this community here prepares to say goodbye to a young, freckle-faced darling. Gone too soon. No, this heart aches. And today it is hard to see and the story seems ... well, just plain crummy. 

But I wait and I watch and I trust this author who pens it all. Because everytime I turn the page, he is still there in larger print than ever before ... always more of Him. Always good. Always bigger. 

And for some reason, we are invited into this mystery that is rich and beautiful and somehow reassuring. He invites us to discover ...

So spend some time discovering ... perhaps re-discovering ... the author of this life? It may change how you spend these days. 

And it's in the seeking that we find.

Peace, friends. And we will be back on track shortly.

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