October 16, 2011

Spend Yourself {Day 15} :: Celebrate life

Celebrating my girl today. I don't know how or when we got here. I sneak in there sometimes, too late, and I look at her there.

Her little profile is just as it was. In my belly when I first caught a glimpse of her. And next to me on the couch when the house was quiet, just us all the day. That little nose and her furrowed brow.

She had my full attention and she was calm, pensive from the start. When she danced to the rhythm of the rain water in the storm drain, I knew she was special. As all mothers do...

She loves all things nature and she'll pick a chipping sparrow out of a bird-crowd. She hums incessantly and she's an awesome big sister.

And for her birthday?

She asked for a shirt with chicken feet...

Hoping you find some special time to celebrate the life of someone dear to your heart.
Anytime is a good time.

Peace, friends.

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